Joy! / Acrylic / Canvas / 70x90
My clients give me a special kick! One customer asked me for a warm, joyful painting with independent and free women. I had never painted people before! This isn’t my biggest strength… I needed to challenge myself, and so I created this little free-minded girl. “Joy” means not only her and the girls but also my emotions while painting it. […]
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Birches in pink

Birches in pink / Acrylic / Canvas / 40x50
I started to play with colors! Trees and colors, my new discovery. With this painting I started using it in unexpected ways. I fell in love with the huge power of color. It gives me a big smile in my heart.
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Forest / Acrylic / Canvas / 40x50
This is my first forest painting. I have always been fascinated by trees, their majestic strength and calmness, and by the penetrating warm light, playfully hugging the forest. Trees and light will always be an important part of my collection.
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