Tulips / Watercolor / Paper / 24x32
In my paintings, I focus now mainly on the Dutch theme. Why? I love to live here and just want to give something back. Tulips Watercolor on paper 18x24cm
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Holland meets Washington DC

Holland meets Washington DC / Watercolor / Paper / 24x32
Holland meets…. This series is absolutely unique! It connects the country in which you currently live in, with your homeland, or another close to your heart place on earth. Each sphere is personal, unique and full of family memories. The client creates it together with me, and this makes it even more special
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Blue Holland

Blue Holland / Watercolor / Paper / 24x32
I enjoy living in the Netherlands! It’s such a beautiful place. In this series, I try to capture one of the Dutch symbols, the amazing houses and windmills. Blue Holland Watercolor on paper 24×32
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